Are People Addicted to Social Media?

These figures reveal the huge black hole that our time disappears into when we visit Facebook, Twitter or YouTube or other social media sites. One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook ( This number is calculated by dividing the planets 6.94 billion people by... read more
Whats New in Social Media Marketing

Whats New in Social Media Marketing

Click on the link below to read the 2013 Report by Social Media Examiner! The top two benefits of social media marketing are increasing exposure and increasing traffic. It’s packed full of information that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. 2013 Social Media... read more

Growing with Social Media Marketing

The key to an effective marketing campaign is reaching your targeted audience effectively. This is true with all marketing strategies from radio to tv to print and email marketing. Facebook is a hot trend with the option of online marketing. In the last few years it... read more


Search Engine Optimization is the effort put into your website’s structure and content to achieve higher search rank without paying for (PPC) pay per click advertising. In the beginning, search engines would crawl the entire internet, jumping to a new webpage by... read more


A blog can be a powerful upgrade to your website, bringing added value for your visitors and fresh content for robots to pick up on. When you make changes on your website and add new content, search engines have previously unread information to index. Search engine... read more

Why direct mail may not work

That’s right! For years we recommended direct mailings but research shows that if you only send out one mailing to a new prospect your response will be very disappointing. To be effective you need to send mailings to the same list a minimum of six times, so if... read more

Why even have a website?

If you don’t plan on growing your business it may not be necessary to even have a website. A good website will attract visitors but a great website will convert visitors and be your spokesperson for you 24 hours a day that will lead to growth. But don’t... read more