Mobile Coupons Made Easy For Small Business

Starting in March of 2015 Goldmine Dezine began offering local businesses the ability to promote offers with digital coupons optimized for mobile and desktop devices.


Hot Local Deals by Goldmine Dezine

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Our new digital coupon program is delivered through our “Hot Local Deals” facebook campaign.

This new digital marketing campaign will allow the local business owner to utilize online marketing with a low cost start-up fee. In many cases the setup and the cost of the campaign are under $250. This let’s us send out online coupon offers that are close to the local business for a better use of the marketing budget. We design the graphics, place the coupon in our campaign with other advertisers offers and get it sent out for the maximum ad exposure.

Digital coupons are becoming widely accepted with smartphone users, growth has doubled since 2012. According to 93% of consumers use a coupon when shopping and 66% of consumers use coupons to save on household expenses.

Once people realize how easy it is to use a digital coupon they get hooked and prefer using them over paper coupons. Another trend that is causing the wide acceptance of digital coupons is that most Americans like everything on their smartphone and the option of promoting green technology.

Mobile Coupons made easy for small business