Still thinking that a mobile friendly website doesn’t matter? Starting April 21st google will start expanding this in their algorithm ranking signal and if your site doesn’t pass the test you can expect less mobile search traffic to your site. Mobile search now accounts for 42% of search traffic and the trend is expected to continue.

We’ve seen this coming for years and started implementing a mobile friendly strategy into all of our website builds since  2012. Users find it easier to grab their mobile devices first when they are looking for something so it only makes sense to position your products and services in an optimized format for their devices.

Before you do anything else, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to determine if your site is mobile friendly. A mobile-first or responsive web design approach is where most brands choose to invest their money. If you run into a few problems don’t panic, contact us for a free site evaluation to help get you back on the road to more search traffic. A small investment in time to plan can result in huge savings in cost, errors, and traffic drop-offs.

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