The Importance of Website backup

Before we reskin or update a website, we backup everything because it is a good practice. Years ago when we started building websites there was no such thing as a website backup because the files were already saved on the computer from when they were created. Using a content manager is a big convenience from when we used to build .html pages, but in today’s world it is important to have a backup of your content, images and layout in some form so it is easy to understand what goes where. Maybe your content manager allows you to click a download button, or just copy and paste into a word processing document, or print-off the webpage itself. We recommend doing a backup once a year.
Another good reason to have your website backed up is due to the increase of hacker attacks. The reach of the internet has made the world a smaller place and websites have become a major target for hackers and some times they don’t even need a reason. We have had the opportunity to bring websites back from black listing to functioning normal again. It happens more often than you would think so be smart and have a back up plan or it could be costly to get your site running again.