1) Finances: Many small business owners are natural do-it-yourself experts and cut corners on professional marketing collateral and try to do it themselves.
2) Technology: They don’t understand technology so they avoid it or think they cannot afford to hire an outside source to provide that much needed service that could move their business to the next level of growth.
3) Education: Keeping pace with current trends can be time consuming and they fall behind on learning new strategies that could benefit their business.
4) Planning: Most small business owners don’t have a two year plan for growth and many do not even have a one year plan. Growth doesn’t happen by accident. Sorry to break it to you but the good ole days of running an ad in the local newspaper and having a yellow page listing to get instant sales are gone.
5) Relationships: Being involved in your local community and building relationships is vital to building a business. Take time to mingle with other business owners at least once a month if not more.