A blog can be a powerful upgrade to your website, bringing added value for your visitors and fresh content for robots to pick up on. When you make changes on your website and add new content, search engines have previously unread information to index. Search engine rank is based on algorithms that monitor things like content relevancy to your site and how often information is updated.

Benefits of blogging on your business website is the ease of adding content in the form of posts, where the static pages can remain unchanged. Publishing blog posts or static pages is done through the online editor via the web browser and does not require html code! This can be done from any computer simply by logging into your website. Visitors can subscribe to your blog and even interact with it by leaving comments on your posts. Search engines can pick up on comments as well.

Simply creating a standalone blog won’t improve your website’s rank in web searches or add value to visitors of your website. There is a lot of free blogging software available with tutorials on how to easily get started, but the key is to have the blog on your website. As a professional website development company, we can help you have the best of both worlds where your website and your blog coexist within your domain.