Is your website backed up

Is your website backed up

The Importance of Website backup Before we reskin or update a website, we backup everything because it is a good practice. Years ago when we started building websites there was no such thing as a website backup because the files were already saved on the computer from... read more

5 Easy Tips for Better Website Rankings

A few things you can do for better website ranking. Commit to making weekly content updates within your site. Websites that don’t ever have content changes are going to drop in rankings. Content is king! Create content that people will want to read. Make sure... read more

QR Code Usage Still Increasing

Survey Says: QR Code Use Falling . . . NOT! By Heidi Tolliver-Walker on August 9th, 2013 I keep hearing a common refrain: QR Codes are going away. Consumers aren’t using them. They are out-dated. They are being replaced by more sophisticated technology. Blah, blah,... read more

Rewards-based Difference

Rewards-based ads double mobile advertising engagement: report By Lauren Johnson June 18, 2013 Consumers who engage with rewards-based advertising are more likely to click on and interact with mobile ads than the average mobile user, according to a new report from... read more