About Goldmine Dezine

Small Business Friendly

Small business have to be more creative and work harder to expand their business and many are looking for the next step.  Short and sweet, our mission is to help you grow your business.  Technology changes are coming at you quicker than ever. The process of how you find and keep new customers is more difficult than in the past. As a small business marketing resource, Goldmine Dezine specializes in helping you build or modernize your website, design a new mobile friendly site, start a blog, rank higher with SEO, expand into email and video marketing. And let’s not forget about your printed marketing collateral. Believe it or not, people still like receiving something with your information on it.
We’ll develop marketing strategies customized for your business model to get the best possible results for your investment.

When we meet with small business owners, we often discuss 4 vital topics of their business strategy: what is their uniqueness, how are they getting the word out, where are they looking for customers and are they getting too many tire kickers. Too many small businesses don’t consider how these fundamental points are hurting their brand and missing out on sales. Sometimes your marketing plan just needs a tweak and sometimes it’s time to reinvent your entire strategy. Established in 2001, Goldmine Dezine provides strategy and targeted solutions for on-line and off-line business models.


1) Uniqueness…

Finding your uniqueness can be a challenge. You know it’s there, but digging it out is the hard part. Identifying your uniqueness and building your brand around it is the first step toward future growth.


2) Getting the word out…

With the endless supply of technology available, there are hundreds of ways to spend your time and marketing budget to promote your business. It is vital to allocate a monthly marketing budget, but not all roads lead to a return on investment. Advertising strategies that worked a couple of years ago may not apply today so it’s important to get help when making a change.


3) Looking for customers in the right places…

Targeting everyone is an oxymoron. By narrowing your target audience you can intensify your brands appeal. You’re better off being the top choice for 10% vs. one of ten options for everyone.


4) Are you getting too many tire kickers…

A tire kicker is a prospect that is looking for someone like you to fix a problem. If you havn’t addressed their problem and objections, chances are they will start looking elsewhere.